Commit 855c3e66 authored by birk's avatar birk
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bugfix: api cannot look for two types of media, therefore no default types possible

parent a85cbdc9
......@@ -421,10 +421,7 @@ class MediaEntryParams():
self.public_get_full_size = json_.get('public_get_full_size')
self.me_get_metadata_and_previews = json_.get('me_get_metadata_and_previews')
self.me_get_full_size = json_.get('me_get_metadata_and_previews')
default_media = json.loads('{"media_files":[{"key": "media_type","value": "image"}, {"key": "media_type","value": "video"}]}')
self.filter_by = json_.get('filter_by', default_media)
if 'media_files' not in self.filter_by:
self.filter_by['media_files'] = default_media['media_files']
self.filter_by = json_.get('filter_by')
self.collection_id = json_.get('collection_id')
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