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    Fix initialization in test/iodelay.cpp · ff1ed2c4
    Adrian Knoth authored
    jack_latency_range_t is
    struct _jack_latency_range {
        jack_nframes_t min;
        jack_nframes_t max;
    and jack_nframes_t is
    typedef uint32_t        jack_nframes_t;
    so it's unsigned. Initialising it with -1 is invalid (at least in C++14). We cannot use {0, 0}, because latency_cb has
       jack_latency_range_t range;
       range.min = range.max = 0;
       if ((range.min != capture_latency.min) || (range.max !=
           capture_latency.max)) {
           capture_latency = range;
    so we must not have {0, 0}, otherwise the condition would never be true.
    Using UINT32_MAX should be equivalent to the previous -1.