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......@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ of UDP proxies. UDP proxies are way to establish UDP connections between
clients from behind NAT firewalls. The UDP proxies support several
connection topologies.
It is written in [Python]( and uses the
[flask]( framework.
## JSON API description
### Start a new proxy
......@@ -89,7 +92,7 @@ curl \
Since `DELETE` request should be treated in an idem-potent way, stopping
Since `DELETE` requests should be treated in an idem-potent way, stopping
an already stopped proxy is considered not an error.
### Return values
......@@ -99,38 +102,34 @@ of the format:
"status": <Either 'Error' or 'OK'>,
"msg": <Some message describing the status>
"status": "<Either 'Error' or 'OK'>",
"msg": "<Some message describing the status>"
Depending on type of request and on status, different HTTP status codes are
returned. HTTP status may be one of `200`, '201`, `404`, `422`.
returned. HTTP status may be one of `200`, `201`, `404`, `422`.
## UDP proxy types
### mirror
**mirror** mirrors incoming packets. This is useful for testing, for instance
to test if the server port is reachable. Also, it can be used to test applications
like UltraGrid when no second peer is available.
### one2oneBi
**one2oneBi** establishes a connection between two endpoints. As soon as both endpoints
have sent at least one packet, the script starts relaying incoming between clients. This
script handles exactly one connetion with two endpoints.
### one2manyMo
**one2manyMo** opens two listening socket, a source and a sink. It relays all incoming
traffic from the source to all clients connected to the sink. Sink clients are requested
to send at least one packet per second to signal their active connection. Packets from
sink clients are discarded.
### one2manyBi
**one2manyBi** establishes 1-to-N connections like **one2manyMo**, but additionally allows
sink clients send packets to the source. Packets from source are forwarded to all active
sink clients, packets from sink clients are forwarded to the source client. For keeping
......@@ -144,6 +143,17 @@ with an address `/hb` and no payload are discarded and may be used by clients to
their connection alive without sending data.
## Deployment
The recommended way of running *tpf-switchboard* is to execute it under
[gunicorn]( The included script `` automates
the process of setting up *tpf-switchboard* as a system service. The script
is tested on *Debian* and *Ubuntu*. Run it as root:
## About
tpf-switchboard is developed in the research project "Spatial Dis-/
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