Commit bdec88b9 authored by Roman Haefeli's avatar Roman Haefeli
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macos: use dashes instead of underscores as delimiters;

add step to modify htaccess to point to most recent version
parent c0ea5a8e
...@@ -87,16 +87,19 @@ function fail { ...@@ -87,16 +87,19 @@ function fail {
cp files/README.txt "${work_dir}" || fail cp files/README.txt "${work_dir}" || fail
# create disk image # create disk image
genisoimage -quiet -V "${app_name}-${app_version}" -D -R -apple -no-pad -o "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.iso" "${work_dir}" || fail genisoimage -quiet -V "${app_name}-${app_version}" -D -R -apple -no-pad -o "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.iso" "${work_dir}" || fail
dmg "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.iso" "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.dmg" || fail dmg "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.iso" "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.dmg" || fail
rm "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.iso" || fail rm "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.iso" || fail
# put file online # put file online
scp -q "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.dmg" "" || fail scp -q "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.dmg" "" || fail
# clean up # clean up
rm -r "${work_dir}" "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.dmg" || fail rm -r "${work_dir}" "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.dmg" || fail
# create short cut # create short cut
ssh ln -f -s "${app_name}-${app_version}_macos_${package_version}.dmg" "public_html/software/${app_name}-${app_version}_macos.dmg" || fail ssh ln -f -s "${app_name}-${app_version}-macos-${package_version}.dmg" "public_html/software/${app_name}-${app_version}-macos.dmg" || fail
# update redirect target in .htaccess
ssh sed -i "2s/[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]/${app_version}/" public_html/software/.htaccess || fail
) )
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