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add a debug info line for each step

parent 3a57ffbc
......@@ -72,7 +72,9 @@ app_version=$(sed -n 's|^\#X text [0-9][0-9]* [0-9][0-9]* VERSION \(.*\);|\1|p'
cd "${work_dir}"
# install pd
echo "extract Pd for windows: ${pd_archive_file}"
unzip -q "${pd_archive_file}" || fail
echo "rename Pd app folder to pd-netpd"
mv pd-0.*-* pd-netpd || fail
# install externals
......@@ -80,59 +82,78 @@ app_version=$(sed -n 's|^\#X text [0-9][0-9]* [0-9][0-9]* VERSION \(.*\);|\1|p'
cd pd-netpd/extra
for url in ${ext_urls[@]}
echo "downloading external: '$url'.."
curl --fail -s -o file "${url}" || fail
if file file | grep ' Zip archive data' > /dev/null
if file | grep ' Zip archive data' > /dev/null
echo "external '${file}' is detected as zip file, using unzip.."
unzip -q file || fail
if file file | grep 'gzip compressed data' > /dev/null
if file | grep 'gzip compressed data' > /dev/null
echo "external '${file}' is detected as tar.gz file, using tar.."
tar xf file || fail
echo "removing exernal archive: $file"
rm file || fail
rm -rf else/*.wav else/*.aif else/Live-Electronics-Tutorial || fail
) || fail
# install netpd
echo "removing any vcs related files.."
rm -rf netpd/.git netpd/.gitignore netpd/.gitmodules netpd/instruments/.git
echo "mv instruments directory one level up"
mv netpd/instruments . || fail
echo "rename netpd folder to pd-netpd"
mv netpd pd-netpd
) || fail
# apply patch to load netpd at start
echo "patch pd-gui.tcl"
patch -s ${work_dir}/pd-netpd/tcl/pd-gui.tcl < files/pd-gui.tcl.patch || fail
# fix instruments path in preferences
echo "patch netpd-preferences.cnf"
patch -s ${work_dir}/pd-netpd/netpd/includes/netpd-preferences.cnf < files/netpd-preferences.cnf.patch || fail
# configure kiosk-plugin
echo "copy kiosk configuration to kiosk-plugin"
cp files/kiosk.cfg "${work_dir}/pd-netpd/extra/kiosk-plugin/" || fail
# copy launcher exe
echo "install netpd.exe"
cp files/netpd.exe "${work_dir}" || fail
# copy README
echo "install README"
cp files/ "${work_dir}/README.txt" || fail
# create version file
#echo "${app_version} (${package_version})" > "${work_dir}/VERSION.txt"
# rename work_dir
echo "rename workdir to '${app_name}-${app_version}'"
mv ${work_dir} "${app_name}-${app_version}"
# create archive
echo "create archive: '${app_name}-${app_version}-windows-${package_version}.zip'"
zip -q -r "${app_name}-${app_version}-windows-${package_version}.zip" "${app_name}-${app_version}"
if $SKIP_UPLOAD; then
# clean up workdir only
echo "cleanup workdir"
rm -rf "${app_name}-${app_version}" || fail
# upload bundle
echo "upload bundle.."
scp -q "${app_name}-${app_version}-windows-${package_version}.zip"
# clean up
echo "cleanup workdir and bundle"
rm -rf "${app_name}-${app_version}" "${app_name}-${app_version}-windows-${package_version}.zip"
# create shortcut to latest
echo "create shortcut in dowload directory"
ssh ln -f -s "${app_name}-${app_version}-windows-${package_version}.zip" "public_html/software/${app_name}-${app_version}" || fail
# update redirect target in .htaccess
echo "update redirect target in .htaccess"
ssh sed -i "1s/[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]/${app_version}/" public_html/software/.htaccess || fail
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