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is a CRNMME (Collaborative Realtime Networked Music Making Environment)
written in Pure Data. It allows many users to have a realtime jam
sessions with each other, connected over the net.
Users might contribute their own netpd-ized patches a.k.a. instruments
or use pre-existing ones. The set of patches, as well as the state of
each is synchronized between clients in order to provide identical
experience for every connected user.
Read more:
This is an all-in-one ready-to-go Windows application containing:
- Pure Data 0.51.0
- netpd 2.2
- netpd-instruments
- externals:
* binfile
* else
* iemnet
* iemlib
* osc
* slip
* zexy
* Launch the netpd.exe in netpd-2.2 directory.
chat automatically connects to the server and you can
now talk to other users.
Click 'list' to get a list of currently connnected users.
* Click the 'unpatch' button in chat to launch the unpatch instru-
ment manager. If there is already a session going on, the instru-
ments used in the ongoing session are automatically loaded (they
are first downloaded from other users, if necessary).
* Load instruments with unpatch by clicking the square button next
to the 'netload instrument' label. Browse to netpd/instruments and pick
an instrument (if your netpd/instruments directory is empty, you need
to get some instruments first. Read above).
Alternatively, just type the name of the instrument (without the
extension .pd) into the symbol box and hit enter.
* Play an instrument by clicking its name in unpatch. The instru-
ment's GUI pops up and you can now manipulate the instrument
at your will. Beware other users are able (and supposed) to
manipulate the instrument to their will as well.
If you need help, have questions about netpd, want to get into
contact with other netpd enthusiasts, please visit:
2008-2020, Roman Haefeli <>
Published under the Gnu Public License (GPL-2)
2.2 (2020-05-01)
* add support for OSC blob data
* support audio transmissions (samples or live)
* new netpd abstraction: [netpd_sample]
* make instruments directory configurable
* add configuration parameter for latency compensation
2.1 (2013-03-10)
* Improved reliability of finding a sync peer (breaks
compatibility with v2.0)
* Added non-blocking until [netpd-nb-until]
* Turning DSP off on dynamic creation is now a
configurable option (see chat's preferences)
* Prevent errors when checking for non-existing files
(adds more dependencies, though)
* Automatically load unpatch by cmdline option (useful
for -nogui)
* Turn on/off printing of all incoming and outgoing OSC
message with cmdline option
* Turn on/off state messages for testing and debugging
with cmdline option
2.0 (2012-05-20)
* Complete rewrite
* Messaging layer based on OSC
* Consequent use of namespaces
* Improved and more reliable state synchronization
* Faster patch synchronization
* More intelligent dependency resolving
* Multiple instances of the same instrument
* Non-blocking network layer (less audio drop-outs)
* Lots of bugfixes
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