Commit e162ec80 authored by Roman Haefeli's avatar Roman Haefeli
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localdep.macos: add a final code-signing step, since signed binaries

seem mandatory on Monterey
parent cb9a6b72
......@@ -114,3 +114,16 @@ for f in "${ARGS[@]}"; do
install_deps "${f}"
# Code signing
# On Monterey, binaries are automatically codesigned. Modifying them with this script renders the signature
# invalid. When Pd loads an external with an invalid signature, it exits immediately. Thus, we need to make sure
# that we codesign them again _after_ the localdeps process
# This needs to be the absolutely last step. We don't do it while we're still inside a recursion.
if ! $recursion; then
echo -n "Code signing in progress... "
codesign --remove-signature "${ARGS[@]}" ${outdir}/*.dylib
codesign -s - "${ARGS[@]}" ${outdir}/*.dylib
echo "Done"
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