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add note about ldconfig

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......@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ cd build
cmake -Denable-libsndfile=on -Denable-jack=off -Denable-alsa=off -Denable-oss=off -Denable-pulseaudio=off -Denable-ladspa=off -Denable-aufile=off -Denable-network=off -Denable-ipv6=off -Denable-getopt=off -Denable-sdl2=off -Denable-threads=off ..
sudo make install
**Note** for arch `amd64`: If you installed fluidsynth for the first time, it might be necessary to update your
library paths by executing `sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib64`.
Then `cd` to the sources of this repo and do (change `PDLIBDIR` according to your needs):
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