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......@@ -72,31 +72,17 @@ and install the **ntldd** package:
`pacman -S mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-ntldd-git`
Then you can do with MinGW:
Then `cd` MinGW to this repo and do:
`make install`
or you can also specify more options with:
`make PDDIR=<path/to/pd directory> PDLIBDIR=<path/to/output> install`
then on the MinGW shell `cd` to your lib installation dir and run the dependencies script:
for 32bit
cd <to/your/lib/installation/dir>
`make PDDIR=<path/to/pd directory> PDLIBDIR=<path/to/output>`
for 64bit
then do this command that fills dependencies on the installation dir:
cd <to/your/lib/installation/dir>
`make windep`
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