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Protocol Version: 1.0
This document describes the protocol used by the TPF (telematic performances format [1]) tool
set which consists of a client part and a server part. An implementation of the server
is always running on on TCP port 3025. This document describes how
the client interacts with the server. It serves as a reference to allow for a client
implementation in any programming language that supports OSC (Open Sound Control [2]). Along
with that document comes a client implementation done in Pure Data [3]: tpf-client.pd
Underlying protocol
This specification is based on the OSC 1.1 [2] format and uses TCP as transport method. Since
OSC consists of packets and TCP is a stream oriented protocol, SLIP [4] is used as an
encapsulation mechanism to allow OSC packets to be transported over TCP.
About notation style
OSC supports a wide range of data types as payload. Since we're dealing only with strings
and integers, we assume any number to be of the type integer and any non-numeric data
to be of type string. To facilitate notation in this document, we omit any type specification
in OSC messages and write only OSC address, optionally followed by payload. An OSC message
with the adress '/some/path/' and 'string' (type string) and '43' (type int) as payload is
written as:
/some/path string 43
A 'C: ' is prepended to denote messages sent by the client, while server messages are
prepended by a 'S: '.
Clients are identified by their socket number, which is assigned by the server.
When the client connects to the server, it requests its own socket number:
C: /s/server/socket
The server responds with:
S: /s/server/socket 4
Once the client knows its socket number, it negotiates the protocol version to ensure
that client and server speak the same language:
C: /s/tpf/protocol/version
S: /s/tpf/protocol/version 1 0
The client is supposed to disconnect with an appropriate error message in case of a
protocol version mismatch.
Once the procol version is agreed upon, the client registers its given name, which
can be any string configured by the user:
C: /s/tpf/register/name ZHdK
S: /s/tpf/register/done
If the server responds with:
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