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......@@ -47,19 +47,13 @@
#include "PacketHeader.h"
#include "RingBuffer.h"
/** \brief Default values
const dataProtocolT DefaultDataProtocolType = UDP;
const int DefaultNumChans = 2;
const int DefaultSampleRate = 48000;
const int DefaultAudioBufferSize = 128;
const int DefaultAudioBitResolution = 16;
/** \brief
/** \brief Main class to creates a SERVER (to listen) or a CLIENT (to connect
* to a listening server) to send audio streams in the network.
* \todo FINISH THIS: This class also acts as a Mediator between all the other class
* All audio and network settings can be set in this class.
* This class also acts as a Mediator between all the other class.
* Classes that uses JackTrip methods need to register with it.
class JackTrip
......@@ -194,16 +188,15 @@ private:
/// \brief Start for the SERVER mode
void serverStart();
jacktripModeT mJackTripMode; ///< JackTrip::jacktripModeT
dataProtocolT mDataProtocol; ///< Data Protocol Tipe
DataProtocol::packetHeaderTypeT mPacketHeaderType;
DataProtocol::packetHeaderTypeT mPacketHeaderType; ///< Packet Header Type
int mNumChans; ///< Number of Channels (inputs = outputs)
int mBufferQueueLength; ///< Audio Buffer from network queue length
uint32_t mSampleRate; ///< Sample Rate
uint32_t mAudioBufferSize; ///< Audio buffer size to process on each callback
JackAudioInterface::audioBitResolutionT mAudioBitResolution;
JackAudioInterface::audioBitResolutionT mAudioBitResolution; ///< Audio Bit Resolutions
QString mPeerAddress; ///< Peer Address to use in jacktripModeT::CLIENT Mode
/// Pointer to Abstract Type DataProtocol that sends packets
......@@ -211,17 +204,13 @@ private:
///< Pointer to Abstract Type DataProtocol that receives packets
DataProtocol* mDataProtocolReceiver;
JackAudioInterface* mJackAudio; ///< Interface to Jack Client
PacketHeader* mPacketHeader;
PacketHeader* mPacketHeader; ///< Pointer to Packet Header
underrunModeT mUnderRunMode; ///< underrunModeT Mode
/// Shared (smart) Pointer for the Send RingBuffer
//std::tr1::shared_ptr<RingBuffer> mSendRingBuffer;
/// Pointer for the Send RingBuffer
RingBuffer* mSendRingBuffer;
/// Shared (smart) Pointer for the Receive RingBuffer
//std::tr1::shared_ptr<RingBuffer> mReceiveRingBuffer;
/// Pointer for the Receive RingBuffer
RingBuffer* mReceiveRingBuffer;
//JackTripMediator mJackTripMediator;
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