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......@@ -3,12 +3,10 @@ High Priority TODOS:
- ProcessPlugins working, need to set the faust compiler to generate approprate classes. Also, add the offset option to process starting from a different channel
- add and read header
- add queue lengths (settings of ring buffer)
- add bit rate multipliers
- Propertely implement the PaulTrip class, now it is too protorypee
- Verify RingBuffer, when in a mac the connection is done when something is already sending packets, the delay is much smaller that the case when the peer connect later.
Also, there's a buzz when there's no connection that shouldn't happen, is should just send zeros.
- Verify why loopback is just duplicating one channel instead of using stereo.
TODOS: Add header into packet, and add redundancy to UDP
- Loopback is not working the way it is implements in JackAudioInterface
need to fix this maybe using an internal client
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