Commit 207ea297 authored by jcacerec's avatar jcacerec
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virtual keyword added to some methods

parent 7c481c25
......@@ -234,13 +234,13 @@ public:
void putHeaderInPacket(int8_t* full_packet, int8_t* audio_packet);
int getPacketSizeInBytes() const;
void parseAudioPacket(int8_t* full_packet, int8_t* audio_packet);
void sendNetworkPacket(const int8_t* ptrToSlot)
virtual void sendNetworkPacket(const int8_t* ptrToSlot)
{ mSendRingBuffer->insertSlotNonBlocking(ptrToSlot); }
void receiveNetworkPacket(int8_t* ptrToReadSlot)
virtual void receiveNetworkPacket(int8_t* ptrToReadSlot)
{ mReceiveRingBuffer->readSlotNonBlocking(ptrToReadSlot); }
void readAudioBuffer(int8_t* ptrToReadSlot)
virtual void readAudioBuffer(int8_t* ptrToReadSlot)
{ mSendRingBuffer->readSlotBlocking(ptrToReadSlot); }
void writeAudioBuffer(const int8_t* ptrToSlot)
virtual void writeAudioBuffer(const int8_t* ptrToSlot)
{ mReceiveRingBuffer->insertSlotNonBlocking(ptrToSlot); }
uint32_t getBufferSizeInSamples() const
{ return mJackAudio->getBufferSizeInSamples(); }
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