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    "jacktrip-resampler" enables resampling in Jacktrip. In particular, two types... · c3c692cd
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     "jacktrip-resampler" enables resampling in Jacktrip. In particular, two types of resampling are implemented and both require zita-resampler (the implementation is inspired to zita-ajbridge):
      * uniform resampling (default)
      * adaptive resampling (enabled with -a option). .
    The uniform resampling allows to use jacktrip even if server and client have different sampling rate or different period (it works only if 1/Queue_Buffer_Length < (peer_period/peer_sampling_rate)/(period/sampling_rate) < Queue_Buffer_Length ). The filtering operations are implemented in the RingBuffer, which is completely redesigned (jackd API are exploited). In addition, new variables for information storage of peer device have been defined.
    Adaptive resampling is implemented by adding the period estimate (computed by Jackd Delay-Locked-Loop) in the packet header, and by modifying the resampling ratio at each cycle. Both the addition leads to an incompatibility with respect to previous versions. Finally, several tests are performed and the overall performance are very high.