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    • Karl Lindén's avatar
      document global auto option related funtions with comments rather than... · 7b824ef6
      Karl Lindén authored
      document global auto option related funtions with comments rather than docstrings so that ./waf --help is not polluted with internal documentation
    • Stéphane Letz's avatar
      Merge pull request #78 from sdrik/pull/proxydriver-v1 · aed15eb9
      Stéphane Letz authored
      Add a Proxy driver
    • Cédric Schieli's avatar
      Add JackProxyDriver · 8f6c3c6d
      Cédric Schieli authored
      This driver is very similar to the JackNetDriver, but instead of connecting
      through the network, it connects to its upstream server through standard jack
      API. So it can only reach local servers which must be running as the same user
      or in promiscuous mode.
      The main use case is the multi-user, multi-session, shared workstation:
       - a classic server with hw driver is launched system-wide at boot time, in
         promiscuous mode, optionaly restricted to the audio group
       - in each user session, a jackdbus server is automatically started with
         JackProxyDriver as master driver, automatically connected to the
         system-wide one
       - optionaly, each user run PulseAudio with a pulse-jack bridge
    • Cédric Schieli's avatar
      Add JackWaitCallbackDriver · 1cd25cb9
      Cédric Schieli authored
      This wrapper driver has the same usage as its parent JackWaitThreadedDriver,
      but for non-threaded (callback) drivers. After waiting for Initialize to
      return, its main thread simply ends instead of calling the driver's Process
      method in a loop. The decorated driver, which must extends JackRestarerDriver
      instead of JackWaiterDriver, can restart the wait cycle by calling its
      RestartWait method.
    • Cédric Schieli's avatar
      Split JackWaitThreadedDriver's Execute method · c1ae33f9
      Cédric Schieli authored
      This makes it possible to use JackWaitThreadedDriver as a base class
      for a non-threaded version.