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Replace display_msg with conf.msg. Fixes #171.

parent 9eb38754
......@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ from __future__ import print_function
import os
import subprocess
g_maxlen = 40
import shutil
import re
import sys
......@@ -25,21 +24,11 @@ lib32 = 'lib32'
auto_options = []
def display_msg(msg, status = None, color = None):
sr = msg
global g_maxlen
g_maxlen = max(g_maxlen, len(msg))
if status:
Logs.pprint('NORMAL', "%s :" % msg.ljust(g_maxlen), sep=' ')
Logs.pprint(color, status)
print("%s" % msg.ljust(g_maxlen))
def display_feature(msg, build):
def display_feature(conf, msg, build):
if build:
display_msg(msg, "yes", 'GREEN')
conf.msg(msg, 'yes', color='GREEN')
display_msg(msg, "no", 'YELLOW')
conf.msg(msg, 'no', color='YELLOW')
# This function prints an error without stopping waf. The reason waf should not
# be stopped is to be able to list all missing dependencies in one chunk.
......@@ -298,12 +287,12 @@ class AutoOption:
conf.define(self.define, 0)
return retvalue
def display_message(self):
def display_message(self, conf):
This function displays a result message with the help text and the
result of the configuration.
display_feature(self.help, self.result)
display_feature(conf, self.help, self.result)
# This function adds an option to the list of auto options and returns the newly
# created option.
......@@ -333,9 +322,9 @@ def configure_auto_options(conf):
conf.fatal('There were unsatisfied requirements.')
# This function displays all options and the configuration results.
def display_auto_options_messages():
def display_auto_options_messages(conf):
for option in auto_options:
def check_for_celt(conf):
found = False
......@@ -612,7 +601,7 @@ def configure(conf):
version_msg = "JACK " + VERSION
if svnrev:
version_msg += " exported from r" + svnrev
......@@ -620,39 +609,38 @@ def configure(conf):
version_msg += " svn revision will checked and eventually updated during build"
print("Build with a maximum of %d JACK clients" % Options.options.clients)
print("Build with a maximum of %d ports per application" % Options.options.application_ports)
conf.msg('Maximum JACK clients', Options.options.clients, color='NORMAL')
conf.msg('Maximum ports per application', Options.options.application_ports, color='NORMAL')
display_msg("Install prefix", conf.env['PREFIX'], 'CYAN')
display_msg("Library directory", conf.all_envs[""]['LIBDIR'], 'CYAN')
conf.msg('Install prefix', conf.env['PREFIX'], color='CYAN')
conf.msg('Library directory', conf.all_envs[""]['LIBDIR'], color='CYAN')
if conf.env['BUILD_WITH_32_64'] == True:
display_msg("32-bit library directory", conf.all_envs[lib32]['LIBDIR'], 'CYAN')
display_msg("Drivers directory", conf.env['ADDON_DIR'], 'CYAN')
display_feature('Build debuggable binaries', conf.env['BUILD_DEBUG'])
display_msg('C compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['CFLAGS']))
display_msg('C++ compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['CXXFLAGS']))
display_msg('Linker flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['LINKFLAGS']))
conf.msg('32-bit library directory', conf.all_envs[lib32]['LIBDIR'], color='CYAN')
conf.msg('Drivers directory', conf.env['ADDON_DIR'], color='CYAN')
display_feature(conf, 'Build debuggable binaries', conf.env['BUILD_DEBUG'])
conf.msg('C compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['CFLAGS']), color='NORMAL')
conf.msg('C++ compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['CXXFLAGS']), color='NORMAL')
conf.msg('Linker flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['LINKFLAGS']), color='NORMAL')
if conf.env['BUILD_WITH_32_64'] == True:
display_msg('32-bit C compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['CFLAGS']))
display_msg('32-bit C++ compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['CXXFLAGS']))
display_msg('32-bit linker flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['LINKFLAGS']))
display_feature('Build with engine profiling', conf.env['BUILD_WITH_PROFILE'])
display_feature('Build with 32/64 bits mixed mode', conf.env['BUILD_WITH_32_64'])
conf.msg('32-bit C compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['CFLAGS']))
conf.msg('32-bit C++ compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['CXXFLAGS']))
conf.msg('32-bit linker flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['LINKFLAGS']))
display_feature(conf, 'Build with engine profiling', conf.env['BUILD_WITH_PROFILE'])
display_feature(conf, 'Build with 32/64 bits mixed mode', conf.env['BUILD_WITH_32_64'])
display_feature('Build standard JACK (jackd)', conf.env['BUILD_JACKD'])
display_feature('Build D-Bus JACK (jackdbus)', conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'])
display_msg('Autostart method', conf.env['AUTOSTART_METHOD'])
display_feature(conf, 'Build standard JACK (jackd)', conf.env['BUILD_JACKD'])
display_feature(conf, 'Build D-Bus JACK (jackdbus)', conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'])
conf.msg('Autostart method', conf.env['AUTOSTART_METHOD'])
if conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'] and conf.env['BUILD_JACKD']:
print(Logs.colors.RED + 'WARNING !! mixing both jackd and jackdbus may cause issues:' + Logs.colors.NORMAL)
print(Logs.colors.RED + 'WARNING !! jackdbus does not use .jackdrc nor qjackctl settings' + Logs.colors.NORMAL)
# display configuration result messages for auto options
if conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'] == True:
display_msg('D-Bus service install directory', conf.env['DBUS_SERVICES_DIR'], 'CYAN')
#display_msg('Settings persistence', xxx)
conf.msg('D-Bus service install directory', conf.env['DBUS_SERVICES_DIR'], color='CYAN')
if conf.env['DBUS_SERVICES_DIR'] != conf.env['DBUS_SERVICES_DIR_REAL']:
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