Commit ddc96f38 authored by nedko's avatar nedko
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Fix jackdbus dependencies handling

git-svn-id: 0c269be4-1314-0410-8aa9-9f06e86f4224
parent 770360b2
......@@ -10,11 +10,15 @@ def set_options(opt):
opt.add_option('--enable-pkg-config-dbus-service-dir', action='store_true', default=False, help='force D-Bus service install dir to be one returned by pkg-config')
def configure(conf):
if not conf.check_cfg(package='dbus-1', atleast_version='1.0.0', args='--cflags --libs'):
conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'] = False
if not conf.check_cfg(package='dbus-1', atleast_version='1.0.0', args='--cflags --libs') or not conf.is_defined('HAVE_DBUS_1'):
print Logs.colors.RED + 'WARNING !! jackdbus will not be built because libdbus-dev is missing' + Logs.colors.NORMAL
dbus_dir = conf.check_cfg(package='dbus-1', args='--variable=session_bus_services_dir')
if not dbus_dir:
print Logs.colors.RED + 'WARNING !! jackdbus will not be built because service dir is unknown' + Logs.colors.NORMAL
dbus_dir = dbus_dir.strip()
......@@ -31,15 +35,13 @@ def configure(conf):
if conf.is_defined('HAVE_EXPAT'):
conf.env['LIB_EXPAT'] = ['expat']
print Logs.colors.RED + 'WARNING !! jackdbus will not be built because of expat is missing' + Logs.colors.NORMAL
conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS1'] = conf.is_defined('HAVE_EXPAT') and conf.is_defined('HAVE_DBUS_1')
conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'] = True
def build(bld):
if bld.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS1'] != True:
obj = bld.new_task_gen('cc', 'program')
if bld.env['IS_LINUX']:
sysdeps_dbus_include = ['../linux', '../posix']
......@@ -112,6 +112,8 @@ def configure(conf):
if Options.options.dbus:
if conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'] != True:
conf.fatal('jackdbus was explicitly requested but cannot be built')
if conf.check_cfg(package='celt', atleast_version='0.7.0', args='--cflags --libs'):
......@@ -136,7 +138,6 @@ def configure(conf):
conf.env['BUILD_DOXYGEN_DOCS'] = Options.options.doxygen
conf.env['BUILD_WITH_PROFILE'] = Options.options.profile
conf.env['BUILD_WITH_32_64'] = Options.options.mixed
conf.env['BUILD_JACKDBUS'] = Options.options.dbus
conf.env['BUILD_CLASSIC'] = Options.options.classic
conf.env['BUILD_DEBUG'] = Options.options.debug
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