Commit cf2834c6 authored by marcochapeau's avatar marcochapeau
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* Remove the now useless X86_64_BUILD scons variable

git-svn-id: 0c269be4-1314-0410-8aa9-9f06e86f4224
parent e859be90
......@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@ opts.AddOptions(
PathOption('INCLUDEDIR', 'Overwrite the directory where headers are installed to', '$PREFIX/include', PathOption.PathAccept),
# TODO: The next one is stupid, should be autodetected
BoolOption('BUILD_FOR_LINUX', 'Enable/Disable depending on your system', True),
BoolOption('X86_64_BUILD', 'Enable/Disable an x86_64 like install layout', False),
BoolOption('ENABLE_ALSA', 'Enable/Disable the ALSA backend', True),
BoolOption('ENABLE_FREEBOB', 'Enable/Disable the FreeBoB backend', True),
BoolOption('ENABLE_FIREWIRE', 'Enable/Disable the FireWire backend', True),
......@@ -147,14 +146,6 @@ if not env.GetOption('clean'):
print "--> At least one of the dependencies is missing. I can't go on without it, please install the needed packages (remember to also install the *-devel packages)"
# Shouldn't be needed with the new wrapper/full_mimic features
# env['JACK_FLAGS'] = conf.GetPKGFlags('jack', '0.90')
# if env['JACK_FLAGS']:
# print "--> Found an existing JACK installation, let's be careful not to erase it"
# if conf.GetPKGPrefix( 'jack' ) == env['PREFIX']:
# print '--> JACK is installed in the same directory as our current PREFIX. Either remove JACK or change your installation PREFIX.'
# Exit(1)
# Optional checks follow:
if env['BUILD_FOR_LINUX'] and env['ENABLE_ALSA']:
env['ALSA_FLAGS'] = conf.GetPKGFlags('alsa', '1.0.0')
......@@ -194,8 +185,6 @@ env['PREFIX'] = env.subst(env['PREFIX'])
env['BINDIR'] = env.subst(env['BINDIR'])
env['LIBDIR'] = env.subst(env['LIBDIR'])
env['INCLUDEDIR'] = env.subst(env['INCLUDEDIR'])
if (env['X86_64_BUILD']):
env['LIBDIR'] += '64'
if env['FULL_MIMIC']:
env['SERVER'] = 'jackd'
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