Unverified Commit b7bda2f0 authored by Karl Linden's avatar Karl Linden
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Display all tool flags. Fixes #170.

parent e2764ca1
......@@ -618,9 +618,18 @@ def configure(conf):
conf.msg('32-bit library directory', conf.all_envs[lib32]['LIBDIR'], color='CYAN')
conf.msg('Drivers directory', conf.env['ADDON_DIR'], color='CYAN')
display_feature(conf, 'Build debuggable binaries', conf.env['BUILD_DEBUG'])
conf.msg('C compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['CFLAGS']), color='NORMAL')
conf.msg('C++ compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['CXXFLAGS']), color='NORMAL')
conf.msg('Linker flags', repr(conf.all_envs[""]['LINKFLAGS']), color='NORMAL')
tool_flags = [
('C compiler flags', ['CFLAGS', 'CPPFLAGS']),
('C++ compiler flags', ['CXXFLAGS', 'CPPFLAGS']),
('Linker flags', ['LINKFLAGS', 'LDFLAGS'])
for name,vars in tool_flags:
flags = []
for var in vars:
flags += conf.all_envs[""][var]
conf.msg(name, repr(flags), color='NORMAL')
if conf.env['BUILD_WITH_32_64'] == True:
conf.msg('32-bit C compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['CFLAGS']))
conf.msg('32-bit C++ compiler flags', repr(conf.all_envs[lib32]['CXXFLAGS']))
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