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......@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ Note : To experiment with the -S option, jackdmp must be launched in a console.
0.71 : Add port register/unregister notification in JackAlsaDriver. Correct JACK_port_unregister in MIDI backend. Add TimeCallback in JackDebugClient class. Correct jack_get_time propotype. Correct JackSocketClientChannel::ClientClose to use ServerSyncCall instead of ServerAsyncCall. Better documentation in jack.h. renamed to and same for OSX framework. Define an internal jack_client_open_aux needed for library wrapper feature. Remove unneeded jack_port_connect API. Correct jack_port_get_connections function (should return NULL when no connections). In thread model, execute a dummy cycle to be sure thread has the correct properties (ensure thread creation is finished). Fix engine real-time notification (was broken since ??). Implements wrapper layer. Correct jack_port_get_total_latency. Correct all backend playback port latency in case of "asynchronous" mode (1 buffer more). Add test for jack_cycle_wait, jack_cycle_wait and jack_set_process_thread API. RT scheduling for OSX thread (when used in dummy driver). Add -L (extra output latency in aynchronous mode) in CoreAudio driver. New JackLockedEngine decorator class to serialize access from ALSA Midi thread, command thread and in-server clients. Use engine in JackAlsaDriver::port_register and JackAlsaDriver::port_unregister. Fix connect notification to deliver *one* notification only. Correct JackClient::Activate so that first kGraphOrderCallback can be received by the client notification thread. New jack_server_control client to test notifications when linked to the server library. Synchronise transport.h with latest jackd version (Video handling). Transport timebase fix. Dmitry Baikov patch for alsa_rawmidi driver. Pieter Palmers patch for FFADO driver. Add an Init method for blocking drivers to be decorated using JackThreadedDriver class. Correct PortRegister, port name checking must be done on server side. Correct a missing parameter in the usage message of jack_midiseq. New SetNonBlocking method for JackSocket. Correct a dirty port array issue in JackGraphManager::GetPortsAux.
1.9.0 : Waf based build system : Nedko Arnaudov, Grame for preliminary OSX support. Control API, dbus based server control access : Nedko Arnaudov, Grame. NetJack2 components (in progress) : jack_net backend, netmanager, audioadapter, netadapter : Romain Moret, Grame. Code restructuring to help port on other architectures : Michael Voigt. Code cleanup/optimization : Tim Blechmann. Improve handling of server internal clients that can now be loaded/unloaded using the new server control API : Grame. A lot of bug fix and improvements.
1.9.1 : Fix jackctl_server_unload_internal. Filter SIGPIPE to avoid having client get a SIGPIPE when trying to access a died server. Libjack shutdown handler does not "deactivate" (fActive = false) the client anymore, so that jack_deactivate correctly does the job later on. Better isolation of server and clients system resources to allow starting the server in several user account at the same time. Report ringbuffer.c fixes from jack1. Client and library global context cleanup in case of incorrect shutdown handling (that is applications not correctly closing client after server has shutdown). Use JACK_DRIVER_DIR variable in internal clients loader. For ALSA driver, synchronize with latest jack1 memops functions. Synchronize jack2 public headers with jack1 ones. Implement jack_client_real_time_priority and jack_client_max_real_time_priority API. Use up to BUFFER_SIZE_MAX frames in midi ports, fix for ticket #117. Cleanup server starting code for clients directly linked with JackMessageBuffer was using thread "Stop" scheme in destructor, now use the safer thread "Kill" way. Synchronize ALSA backend code with JACK1 one. Set default mode to 'slow' in JackNetDriver and JackNetAdapter. Simplify audio packet order verification. Fix JackNetInterface::SetNetBufferSize for socket buffer size computation and JackNetMasterInterface::DataRecv if synch packet is received, various cleanup. Better recovery of network overload situations, now "resynchronize" by skipping cycles.". Support for BIG_ENDIAN machines in NetJack2. Support for BIG_ENDIAN machines in NetJack2 for MIDI ports. Support for "-h" option in internal clients to print the parameters. In NetJack2, fix a bug when capture or playback only channels are used. Add a JACK_INTERNAL_DIR environment variable to be used for internal clients. Add a resample quality parameter in audioadapter. Now correctly return an error if JackServer::SetBufferSize could not change the buffer size (and was just restoring the current one). Use PRIu32 kind of macro in JackAlsaDriver again. Add a resample quality parameter in netadapter.
1.9.2 : Solaris version. New "profiling" tools. Rework the mutex/signal classes. Support for BIG_ENDIAN machines in NetJack2. D-BUS based device reservation to better coexist with PulseAudio on Linux. Add auto_connect parameter in netmanager and netadapter. Use Torben Hohn PI controler code for adapters. Client incorrect re-naming fixed : now done at socket and fifo level. Virtualize and allow overriding of thread creation function, to allow Wine support (from JACK1).
This is a work in progress but the implementation is now stable enough to be tested. jackdmp has been used successfully with the following applications : Ardour, Hydrogen, Jamin, Qjackctl, Jack-Rack, SooperLooper, AlsaPlayer...
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ PROJECT_NAME = "Jack2"
# This could be handy for archiving the generated documentation or
# if some version control system is used.
# The OUTPUT_DIRECTORY tag is used to specify the (relative or absolute)
# base path where the generated documentation will be put.
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