Commit 80c415be authored by Adrian Knoth's avatar Adrian Knoth
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wscript: Fix link error in jack_netsource

If -DNO_JACK_ERROR is set, jack_error() is replaced by printf().

Since it's a C program, we have to set CFLAGS appropriately.
parent a122dbcd
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ def build(bld):
prog = bld(features = 'c cprogram')
prog.includes = os_incdir + ['../common/jack', '../common']
prog.source = ['netsource.c', '../common/netjack_packet.c']
prog.env.append_value("CCFLAGS", "-DNO_JACK_ERROR")
prog.env.append_value("CFLAGS", "-DNO_JACK_ERROR")
prog.use = ['CELT', 'SAMPLERATE']
prog.uselib_local = 'clientlib' = 'jack_netsource'
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