Commit 69157882 authored by Adrian Knoth's avatar Adrian Knoth
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Heap-allocate client matrix in topo sort

If configured with --clients=512 (translates to CLIENT_NUM), we exceed
the maximum stack size. CLIENT_NUM==500 still works, but let's allocate
the matrix on the heap to be safe.

Kudos to Markus Seeber for the initial bug triage.

Fixes #212
parent 4e8e7ecd
......@@ -286,10 +286,10 @@ static bool HasNoConnection(jack_int_t* table)
void JackConnectionManager::TopologicalSort(std::vector<jack_int_t>& sorted)
JackFixedMatrix<CLIENT_NUM> tmp;
JackFixedMatrix<CLIENT_NUM>* tmp = new JackFixedMatrix<CLIENT_NUM>;
std::set<jack_int_t> level;
// Inputs of the graph
......@@ -299,18 +299,20 @@ void JackConnectionManager::TopologicalSort(std::vector<jack_int_t>& sorted)
jack_int_t refnum = *level.begin();
const jack_int_t* output_ref1 = tmp.GetItems(refnum);
const jack_int_t* output_ref1 = tmp->GetItems(refnum);
for (int dst = 0; dst < CLIENT_NUM; dst++) {
if (output_ref1[dst] > 0) {
tmp.ClearItem(refnum, dst);
tmp->ClearItem(refnum, dst);
jack_int_t output_ref2[CLIENT_NUM];
tmp.GetOutputTable1(dst, output_ref2);
tmp->GetOutputTable1(dst, output_ref2);
if (HasNoConnection(output_ref2)) {
delete tmp;
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