Commit 662c5566 authored by Adrian Knoth's avatar Adrian Knoth
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wscript: Fix install targets

waf complains about missing source files, e.g.:

   could not find 'jack/*.h' in /home/adi/jack2/common

ant_glob fixes the problem
parent 479e3688
......@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ def build(bld):
#audio_adapter_sources += ['../windows/JackPortAudioAdapter.cpp']
#process = create_jack_process_obj(bld, 'audioadapter', audio_adapter_sources, serverlib)
bld.install_files('${PREFIX}/include/jack', 'jack/*.h')
bld.install_files('${PREFIX}/include/jack', bld.path.ant_glob('jack/*.h'))
# process -> jack.pc
obj = bld.new_task_gen('subst_pc')
......@@ -8,5 +8,5 @@ import os
def build(bld):
bld.exec_command("cd man ; sh fill_template %s" % bld.env['JACK_VERSION'])
bld.install_files(bld.env['MANDIR'], '*.1')
bld.install_files(bld.env['MANDIR'], bld.path.ant_glob('*.1'))
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