Unverified Commit 6399b803 authored by Karl Linden's avatar Karl Linden
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Remove unnecessary define HAVE_PPOLL.

It is already defined by conf.define().
parent 484d28f0
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ def create_jack_driver_obj(bld, target, sources, uselib = None):
driver = bld(features = ['c', 'cxx', 'cxxshlib', 'cshlib'])
driver.env['cxxshlib_PATTERN'] = 'jack_%s.so'
driver.defines = ['HAVE_CONFIG_H','SERVER_SIDE', 'HAVE_PPOLL']
driver.defines = ['HAVE_CONFIG_H','SERVER_SIDE']
driver.includes = ['.', '../linux', '../posix', '../common', '../common/jack', '../dbus', '../']
driver.target = target
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