Commit 628a5226 authored by Bernd Kuhls's avatar Bernd Kuhls
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Add support for nios2

When compiling jack on nios2, compilation fails because NGREGS is not
defined. Since this is only for debug output on segmentation faults, stub
the debug print out like it's been done for other platforms before.

Inspired by

Signed-off-by: default avatarBernd Kuhls <>
parent 3dbd4b92
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ static void signal_segv(int signum, siginfo_t* info, void*ptr) {
jack_error("info.si_errno = %d", info->si_errno);
jack_error("info.si_code = %d (%s)", info->si_code, si_code_str);
jack_error("info.si_addr = %p", info->si_addr);
#if !defined(__alpha__) && !defined(__ia64__) && !defined(__FreeBSD_kernel__) && !defined(__arm__) && !defined(__hppa__) && !defined(__sh__) && !defined(__aarch64__)
#if !defined(__alpha__) && !defined(__ia64__) && !defined(__FreeBSD_kernel__) && !defined(__arm__) && !defined(__hppa__) && !defined(__sh__) && !defined(__aarch64__) && !defined(nios2)
for(i = 0; i < NGREG; i++)
jack_error("reg[%02d] = 0x" REGFORMAT, i,
#if defined(__powerpc64__)
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