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Update Windows JackRouter.dll for latest API version.

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......@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ Just use : 'lib /DEF:libjackserver.def /OUT:libjackserver.lib' and 'lib /DEF:lib
Or you can also use dlltool, from mingw suite :
Just use : 'dlltool -l libjackserver.lib -D libjackserver.dll -d libjackserver.def' and 'dlltool -l libjack.lib -D libjack.dll -d libjack.def'
Once all binaries available, just execute the script in 'CreateInstall' to make 'setup.exe'.
Once all binaries are available, just execute the script in 'CreateInstall' to make 'setup.exe'.
The setup will copy all binaries to a specified folder, register the JackRouter (in order to have it in the ASIO drivers list) and create some shortcuts in the start menu.
It's a good and proper way to get jack installed on windows.
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