Unverified Commit 15f0c485 authored by Karl Linden's avatar Karl Linden
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Check for opus_custom.h instead of opus/opus_custom.h.

This assures that the header can be found in a non-standard prefix,
since the leading opus/ is added to the include path by the opus
pkg-config file.
parent de39c621
......@@ -433,8 +433,8 @@ def options(opt):
celt = add_auto_option(opt, 'celt', help='Build with CELT')
celt.set_check_hook(check_for_celt, check_for_celt_error)
opus = add_auto_option(opt, 'opus', help='Build Opus netjack2')
opus.add_package('opus', atleast_version='0.9.0')
samplerate = add_auto_option(opt, 'samplerate', help='Build with libsamplerate')
sndfile = add_auto_option(opt, 'sndfile', help='Build with libsndfile')
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