Commit 0c8bebc1 authored by Adrian Knoth's avatar Adrian Knoth
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Allow firewire device be selected via -d

Patch by Thomas Brand <> and in accordance with jackd1
code base.
parent 0279a2d6
......@@ -403,6 +403,11 @@ JackFFADODriver::ffado_driver_new (const char *name,
// driver->client = client;
driver->engine = NULL;
//from jack1 ffado_driver.c: put arg -dxxx to ffado device_info_t struct
driver->device_info.device_spec_strings=(char**)calloc(1, sizeof(char *));
memset(&driver->device_options, 0, sizeof(driver->device_options));
driver->device_options.sample_rate = params->sample_rate;
driver->device_options.period_size = params->period_size;
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