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......@@ -205,6 +205,7 @@ Note : To experiment with the -S option, jackdmp must be launched in a console.
0.67 : Correct jack_client_open "status" management. Rename server_name from "default" to "jackdmp_default" to avoid conflict with regular jackd server. Fix a resource leak issue in JackCoreAudioDriver::Close(). Better implement "jack_client_open" when linking a client with the server library. Correct "jack_register_server" in shm.c. Add missing timestamps.c and timestamps.h files. Correctly export public headers in OSX frameworks. Suppress JackEngine::ClientInternalCloseIm method. Use .jackdrc file (instead of .jackdmprc). Install script now creates a link "jackd ==> jackdmp" so that automatic launch can work correctly. Paul Davis patch for -r (--replace-registry) feature. Internal loadable client implementation. Fix JackEngine::Close() method. Windows JackRouter.dll version 0.17: 32 integer sample format.
0.68 : Internal loadable client implementation, winpipe version added. Reorganize jack headers. Improve Linux install/remove scripts. Use LIB_DIR variable for 64 bits related compilation (drivers location). More generic Linux script. Correct jack_acquire_real_time_scheduling on OSX. Merge of Dmitry Baikov MIDI branch. Correct JackGraphManager::GetPortsAux to use port type. Remove JackEngineTiming class: code moved in JackEngineControl. Add midiseq and midisine examples. Cleanup old zombification code. Linux Makefile now install jack headers. Use of JACK_CLIENT_DEBUG environment variable to activate debug client mode. Definition of JACK_LOCATION variable using -D in the Makefile. Restore jack 0.103.0 MIDI API version. Fix a bug in freewheel management in async mode: drivers now receive the kStartFreewheelCallback and kStopFreewheelCallback notifications. Server and user directory related code moved in a JackTools file. Client name rewritting to remove path characters (used in fifo naming). Correct ALSA driver Attach method: internal driver may have changed the buffer_size and sample_rate values. Add JackWinSemaphore class. Add an implementation for obsolete jack_internal_client_new and jack_internal_client_close. Add missing jack_port_type_size. Use of JackWinSemaphore instead of JackWinEvent for inter-process synchronization. Correct types.h for use with MINGW on Windows. Move OSX start/stop notification mechanism in Jackdmp.cpp. Correct CheckPort in JackAPI.cpp.
0.69 : On OSX, use CFNotificationCenterPostNotificationWithOptions with kCFNotificationDeliverImmediately | kCFNotificationPostToAllSessions for server ==> JackRouter plugin notification. On OSX, use jack server name in notification system. Correct fPeriodUsecs computation in JackAudioDriver::SetBufferSize and JackAudioDriver::SetSampleRate. Correct JackMachNotifyChannel::ClientNotify. Correct bug in CoreAudio driver sample rate management. Add a sample_rate change listener in CoreAudio driver. Correct sample_rate management in JackCoreAudioDriver::Open. Better handling in sample_rate change listener. Pieter Palmers FFADO driver and scons based build. Pieter Palmers second new build system: scons and Makefile based build. Tim Blechmann scons patch. Change string management for proper compilation with gcc 4.2.2. JackLog cleanup. Cleanup in CoreAudio driver. Tim Blechmann patch for JackGraphManager::GetPortsAux memory leak, Tim Blechmann patch for scons install. Dmitry Baikov MIDI patch : alsa_seqmidi and alsa_rammidi drivers. CoreAudio driver improvement : detect and notify abnormal situations (stopped driver in case of SR change...).
0.70 : Updated API to match jack 0.109.0 version. Update in usx2y.c and JackPort.cpp to match jackd 0.109.2. Latest jack_lsp code from jack SVN. Add jack_mp_thread_wait client example. Add jack_thread_wait client example. Remove checking thread in CoreAudio driver, better device state change recovery strategy: the driver is stopped and restarted. Move transport related methods from JackEngine to JackServer. Tim Blechmann sse optimization patch for JackaudioPort::MixAudioBuffer, use of Apple Accelerate framework on OSX. Remove use of assert in JackFifo, JackMachSemaphore, and JackPosixSemaphore: print an error instead. Correct "server_connect": close the communication channel. More robust external API. Use SetAlias for port naming. Use jackd midi port naming scheme. Notify ports unregistration in JackEngine::ClientCloseAux. Fix in JackClient::Error(): when RT thread is failing and calling Shutdown, Shutdown was not desactivating the client correctly.
This is a work in progress but the implementation is now stable enough to be tested. jackdmp has been used successfully with the following applications : Ardour, Hydrogen, Jamin, Qjackctl, Jack-Rack, SooperLooper, AlsaPlayer...
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