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    Add JackProxyDriver · 8f6c3c6d
    Cédric Schieli authored
    This driver is very similar to the JackNetDriver, but instead of connecting
    through the network, it connects to its upstream server through standard jack
    API. So it can only reach local servers which must be running as the same user
    or in promiscuous mode.
    The main use case is the multi-user, multi-session, shared workstation:
     - a classic server with hw driver is launched system-wide at boot time, in
       promiscuous mode, optionaly restricted to the audio group
     - in each user session, a jackdbus server is automatically started with
       JackProxyDriver as master driver, automatically connected to the
       system-wide one
     - optionaly, each user run PulseAudio with a pulse-jack bridge