Commit e4488bd1 authored by Roman Haefeli's avatar Roman Haefeli
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jack2: add bottle for sierra

parent 95599392
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ class Jack2 < Formula
bottle do
root_url ""
sha256 "f1bc3ff41362f6d44e9b1f157dd105c604e5f9e9740cbbe8b4dc716bff847131" => :sierra
sha256 "911579d2a20e44960346ff34a1d975c672450362e033fad70f40e5b602d08995" => :el_capitan
sha256 "cc236dedd2a6dbea1e9f275c49afa7c18dab92c48756988e5a1f661c408033ae" => :yosemite
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