Commit d3f2c2eb authored by Roman Haefeli's avatar Roman Haefeli
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pd-tpf: add bottle for sierra

parent 9063e3d5
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ class PdTpf < Formula
bottle do
root_url ""
sha256 "12b5bd30f05351c33977bee37791054a049947a9f31933a803c5cf37d59378df" => :sierra
sha256 "d19ff61cc0976b9b4f30802d3b9ea5a9f09f21c6158187204cffab6d719b1376" => :el_capitan
sha256 "cafa13c2489d3da1c3c43aef4c3a589e6b50d5add1448b6c8e2cb3a6735cffc0" => :yosemite
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