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add formula for qjackctl-tpf

parent 7f22b53a
class QjackctlTpf < Formula
desc "simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "c50da569ec8466ac6cc72c65e2d8212eb9c40149daed0a10fb7795ff9ddc4ab7"
head ""
#bottle do
# sha256 "916c1421965be60c8bbef853e7111c69f111f698f04fda455148b293a7bbded5" => :sierra
# sha256 "9c172b06e49ef31184b6330aee463fa76cb94bdc902c7275d9fc50683f072449" => :el_capitan
# sha256 "1e72a2901d1a254c499dfaaf22c89cfad8d0b0871fd5c9bf9bb0d6fc57992e63" => :yosemite
depends_on "pkg-config" => :build
depends_on "qt"
depends_on "jack2"
needs :cxx11
def install
system "./configure", "--disable-debug",
system "make", "install"
prefix.install bin/""
bin.install_symlink prefix/""
test do
assert_match version.to_s, shell_output("#{bin}/qjackctl --version 2>&1", 1)
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