Commit 2215437d authored by Roman Haefeli's avatar Roman Haefeli
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jacktrip: add bottle for yosemite

parent 1b891ca4
......@@ -6,10 +6,9 @@ class Jacktrip < Formula
sha256 "bc11d834706dec5d26f0dbe0d286501487f6b98adb6e47e6ff15a72073639aa7"
bottle do
cellar :any
rebuild 1
root_url ""
sha256 "f4949bb4d5a02e7558a5796beab0f92a666c8c02360cf8f80df420f6de159048" => :el_capitan
sha256 "77ab091b47424ae571a5568da4eb185d7dc671cf158e214363b3dccf4015eb23" => :yosemite
depends_on "qt" => :build
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