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......@@ -3,3 +3,80 @@ The Main Repository for the Games in Concert Unity Project.
Games in concert is a SNF funded research project exploring the possibilities and implications of collaborative creativity in virtual environments.
To Run the Project you need to clone it, open the GicNetworkedGamesInConcert_SeparateTerrain scene and press play.
# Games In Concert (Unity Project)
Games in concert is a SNF funded research project exploring the possibilities and implications of collaborative creativity in virtual environments.
## Getting Started
These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.
### Prerequisites
To sucessfully run the Unity project the following dependencies have to be installed.
VR Mode is based on using a HTC Vive Headset and controllers.
* [Leap Motion Unity Library (Core Assets)](
** + Hands Module
** + Leap Motion Interaction Engine Module
From the Asset Store
* [Steam VR]( - The SteamVR Extention
* [TextMeshPro]( - To display UI texts propperly
* [OSC simpl]( - For OSC communication with Max/MSP
* [Squiggle]( - If you wish to use the provided data collection scripts (works without)
If you do not wish to use OSCSimpl you can use one of the libraries below, However you`ll have to rewrite the OSCManager.cs script accordingly
* [UnityOSC]( - By ThomasFredericks
* [UnityOSC]( - By Jorge Garcia
### Installing
To Get the Project running:
* Clone this repo (or download it).
* Install All Dependencies.
* Open the "GicNetworkedGamesInConcert_SeparateTerrain" scene found in _Scenes.
* Add that scene and the Bright and Dark terrain Scenes to your build settings.
You should now have a working scene wothout any scripting errors.
## Running the Scene
### Setup
* Find the _Managers GameObject
** Select which role you want to play and which terrain you want to use.
** If you have no VR headset check the Mouse Mode checkbox as well.
* Hit the play button.
### How to play
* Use nubers 1-4 to change your role ingame
* Navigation can be done using standard wsad and mouse or by using the Vive Controllers (Touchpad klick).
* First Create an atom by opening the bagpack (Click on the ui or hit B on your keyboard)
** Grab one and drag it into the scene by using the "grab" buttons. (Mouse: Right-Click, ViveController: Grab)
* Now you can create music depending on your role.
** Trees: Point to the floor and use the "action" button (Mouse: LeftClick, ViveController: Trigger)
*** You can move the trees by grabbing the lower part of its cage.
*** You can modify the trees by grabbing the upper part of its cage.
** Paint: Point towards the wall arround you and use the action button to paint.
*** Use the UI to change the parameters of your stroke and paint modes.
## Authors
* **Simon Pfaff** - *Concept, Framework and Shaders* - [Bleep-O-Matic](
* **Olav Lervik** - *Concept & Audio Programming* - [Homepage](
* **Reto Spoerri** - *Concept & Input & Networking* - [Homepage](
## License
This project is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License - see the []( file for details
## Acknowledgments
* [ProceduralToolkit]( - An awesome framework for procedural content generation in Unity by Daniil Basmanov. Thanks!
* [InverseKinematics]( - An very nice free IK solver by Jose (Dogzerx) Díaz. Thanks!
* [Unity UI Extensions]( - This should be standard in Unity. Thanks guys!
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