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......@@ -54,15 +54,12 @@ You should now have a working scene wothout any scripting errors.
* Use nubers 1-4 to change your role ingame
* Navigation can be done using standard wsad and mouse or by using the Vive Controllers (Touchpad klick).
* First Create an atom by opening the bagpack (Click on the ui or hit B on your keyboard).
* Grab one and drag it into the scene by using the "grab" buttons. (Mouse: Right-Click, ViveController: Grab).
* Now you can create music depending on your role.
* **Trees:** Point to the floor and use the "action" button (Mouse: LeftClick, ViveController: Trigger)
* You can move the trees by grabbing the lower part of its cage.
* You can modify the trees by grabbing the upper part of its cage.
* **Paint:** Point towards the wall arround you and use the action button to paint.
* Use the UI to change the parameters of your stroke and paint modes.
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